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    [SSO BAIT HUMP MINNOW 55S ver.2]

    Retail Price : KRW 13,000

    This small-sinking minnow has an impressive flat body with arched back, and offset lips. It can go against the stream to explore pin spots with up-cross and drift, or swim on the river bottom. It offers actions that cannot be achieved with a floating minnows incapable of sinking-type actions. It creates slow retrieving near the river bottom, and natural-looking falling vibrations after landing.

    Flat Body Design
    The maximized load surface allows the user to create maximum dart action with wobbling and twitching, which catches the attention of the game fish.

    Heavy Sinking Type
    A 6.6g heavy-sinking type product fitted with 55mm tungsten weight. It allows the user to target any layer quickly. The weight distribution is concentrated in the rear section, making it effective for pin-point targeting. You don’t have to worry about line trapping during falling.

    TYPE : Sinking
    SIZE : 55mm
    WEIGHT : 6.6g
    DEPTH : 0.8~1.4m
    ACTION : Wobbling & Rolling

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