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    The fishing rod with the best jerking action in its class
    The third-generation 8-axis carbon provides perfect balance and fast recovery. The product is tested in extreme conditions for upgraded durability. We minimized trouble with PE line when casting in strong wind, through thorough guide balance tests.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : Fittec with Fuji “K” Guide, SiC-S (uses KLSG 20S, KWSG 10S start guide)
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : The Fuji VS 16 slim seat provides improved grip.
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Designed with slim butt grip to minimize interference by clothes or arms when jerking.
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : Uses CP 020 4YA-5 (8-axis fabric) to prevent blank distortion and improve strength.

    ES·802ML / GRIP 230mm
    This model allows for fast action and rhythmic control at near-medium distance points using relatively lightweight egi. Highly sensitive and delicate, it catches even the finest bite when attacking the bottom range.

    ES·842MH / GRIP 250mm
    With this model, you can cast and control deep-type egi or no. 4 egi and beyond at points with deep water and strong current. The blank, reinforced with 8-axis carbon fiber, creates any desired action regardless of situation. It can even draw large squids onto the surface.

    ES·872M / GRIP 245mm
    An all-round model for any season or space. Using an egi with wide applications and the 8’7” (2.61m) length, it can be used to create any action including jerking, twitching, and drift, and guarantees high long-casting performance.

    ES·902M / GRIP 260mm
    A long cast model designed for points that have been unreachable before. This rod can be controlled without difficulty at points with high footstands or points that required long distance attack.

    ES·732L-ST / GRIP 215mm / Tip run
    This boat fishing model is fitted with a solid tip which catches even the finest bite of a 15-30m squid. With this rod, the user can fish without difficulty only using the solid tip in seasons with lower activity. It reduces the fatigue of prolonged fishing on boats.

    ES·782ML-ST / GRIP 215mm / Tip run
    With this model, the user can attack squids in deeper water until late fall. It is fitted with solid tips and distortion-free blank that allows for easy control of egi weighing 40g or heavier, and responds to fine biting.

    EB·682M / GRIP 265mm / Tip run
    This boat bait fishing model allows for fighting even the strongest current from early fall to late fall, and allows for fast action and retrieving after throwing the egi. It can use up to 80g egi, can catch slightest biting from squids, and features a tip action that combines the strength of solids and tublars.

    ※ ESㆍ732 L-ST / ESㆍ782 ML-ST / EBㆍ682 M Tip Run (Tip Run)
    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%









    P.E LINE



    Retail Price











    ESㆍ802 ML












    ESㆍ842 MH

    2.54 2 130.5 105 1.7 13 2.5~4.5 3.2~4.6 10 250 330,000

    ESㆍ872 M

    2.61 2 134 100 1.4 12.8 2.0~3.5 1.6~4.0 10 245 340,000

    ESㆍ902 M

    2.74 2 140.5 107 1.5 13.4 2.0~4.0 1.6~4.0 10 260 350,000

    ESㆍ732 L-ST (Tip run)

    2.21 2 114 88 0.9 11.8 Max 50 2.4~4.0 9 215 300,000

    ESㆍ782 ML-ST (Tip run)

    2.34 2 120.5 92 1.1 12.3 Max 65 3.2~4.6 10 215 310,000

    EBㆍ682 M (Tip run)

    2.03 2 104.5 103 1.3 11.5 Max 80 2.4~5.6 10 265 300,000
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