페이스북 트위터 


    SIZE : 3.5inch
    WEIGHT : 7.9g

    Retail Price : KRW 6,500

    The best hog worm to attract bass by complex moves Every part of the worm creates appetizing actions to open up a bass' mouth even when the bass is not hungry.

    *Feeler Curly Tail
    The tail makes soft actions of dividing water even through small moves, which can appeal to sensitive bass.

    The oval body is 7cm which is the most suitable food size for bass and is enough to stimulate bass' appetite.

    *Claw Paddle
    The effect of tapping water can appeal to highly active bass and lead bass to biting fast.

    *Small legs on the body
    The small legs make very small vibrations and more delicate moves to entice bass.

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