페이스북 트위터 


    SIZE : 5inch
    WEIGHT : 12g

    Retail Price : KRW 7,500

    The optimal shad worm which is capable of overcoming areas featuring complicated obstacles. This shad worm is specialized in penetrating obstacles especially in heavily covered areas. It shows its ability to avoid obstacles in areas covered with dead trees and in heavy-covered buzzing games.

    The tail that is designed to be bigger than the body and to be super slim can create soft vibrations and stable moves, which naturally leads the bass to biting even when an angler is reeling very slowly at a sensitive bass.

    The inverted triangle body which can make the shad lure get through water plants and trees intensively  attracts a bass hiding near obstacles.

    회원님의 소중한 개인정보 보호를 위해 비밀번호를 주기적으로 변경하시는 것이 좋습니다.
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    신규 비밀번호
    신규 비밀번호 확인
    6~20자, 영문 대소문자 또는 숫자 특수문자 중 2가지 이상 조합