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    "SCIMITAR" , the first hairtail jigging rods in Korea
    When it comes to hairtail jigging fishing, the most important equipment is rods! The rods were designed to reduce loss of fishing tackles and to make sure landing safely. The adaption of the T-DPS reel makes you feel less tired when fishing for a long time, and the perfect guide placement reduces troubles with line and embodies fantastic bending. With wrapped thread in different colors to differentiate the models, you can change your rods fast in the field depending on your needs. One full-solid model and two tubular models to meet anglers' various needs will pave the way to popularize hairtail jigging fishing.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : Fuji "K" Guide-S "SIC" NEW Slim guide
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : Fuji T-DPS 20 to improve the grip feel
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Wrapped thread in three different colors to distinguish models
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : Optimal balance to catch a flying jig

    B-632-1.5FS Magic Wand (GRIP 410mm)
    Full-carbon solid blank model. This model can appeal to hairtail by lifting and falling a jig more softly than one pitch jerk style. The proper water depth is up to 60m, and due to the optimal soft action, when changing lifting to falling, anglers can make the lure move more naturally to attract hairtail. When a fish is hooked, not only does the unique bending of the full-solid blank add visual excitement, but also even beginners can succeed in catching fish without many difficulties because the hook falls out less.

    B-632-2 Exciting (GRIP 410mm)
    Standard tubular blank model. This all-round model is suitable to recommend those who start hairtail jigging fishing. The proper water depth is up to 80m. You can use this model to apply to different water depths and various situations throughout the season. With the soft tip section, anyone can make a jig move not too much, and a hook can get stuck well when a fish is biting. The soft bending can prevent a hook from getting out when an angler is fighting against a fish. The waist is strong enough to respond to any types of bites, even all of sudden.

    B-682-3 Day Walker (GRIP 410mm)
    This is a tubular blank model specialized to attack huge hairtail in deep water. The proper water depth is deeper than 100m. The B•682-3 rod was built to perform when you attack in deep water in the early season and use a heavy jig in strong currents. The 6.8 feet long rod bends and gets back softly and is easy to do lifting and falling actions. You will never lose control when fighting against even a gigantic hairtail.

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%








    Jig wt.

    P.E LINE



    Retail Price












    1.91 2 143.5 124.1 1.1 7.9 50~170 2.4~4.8 12 410 230,000
    1.91 2 143.5 119.8 1.4 8.3 60~180 2.4~4.8 12 410 230,000
    2.03 2 156.0 125.0 1.6 9.1 80~200 3.2~6.0 13 410 240,000


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