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    Admire Casting Distance of Power Blank That Hides Behind Sharpness!
    Highly sensitive detection is realized with adoption of extra sensitive fibre. It can detect a quite bite of bass. It has an elaborated blank action that allows highly precise casting. Titanium frame guide combined with ultra-light Fuji Torzite rings, which is the result of 30 years research, increase the output of blank to the maximum level.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : Fuji Torzite Guide System
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : Fuji TVS(Spinning) / ECS(Bait) REEL SEAT
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Butt Cap Design Symbolizing Control of Time
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : Special Elastic Blank with Advanced Sensitive Reponse

    S-631L-ST (GRIP 173mm)
    Combination of a solid tip and high-tech for a highly sensitive blank. It secures high delivery power by creating firm connection. Manipulability of light weight baits such as micro rubber jigs is excellent. It lures a hiding bass and reads a weak bite with a super sensitive tip. High performance rod that can meet your expectation.

    S-671ML (GRIP Grip 205mm)
    Amazingly light model with approximately 70g of weight like a feather. This model with spinning 671ML action is shined in deep fishing. It can use a relatively heavy sinker. Solid blank strength suppresses a target fish. However, the tip is relatively soft.

    C-671M (GRIP 240mm)
    The birth of ultra-light bait casting rod with the best universality. It can handle a variety of tackles from light tackles to hard baits and worms. It shows high completeness with the history of a tournament champion during the test stage.

    C-671MH (GRIP 250mm)
    Light but strong! And further sensitive. Futuristic MH action bait casting rod that was born with consideration of various demands of anglers beyond a trend. It can handle from relatively light lures to heavy lures. It has advantages in quick casting fishing.

    C-711H (GRIP 284mm)
    Creative blank with high tension and relatively regular action. Overall power of a rod is tremendous. Characteristics of each part are magically combined. Unlike existing rods in using heavy weight hard baits and swim baits, you can feel tension and elasticity of a blank.

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%








    LURE wt.

    LINE wt.



    Retail Price












    1.91 1 191 71 1.0 8.3 1/32~3/16 2~6 9 173 450,000


    2.01 1 201 76 1.3 9.6 1/8~3/8 4~7 9 205 450,000


    2.01 1 201 89 1.4 10.2 1/4~1/2 8~14 10 240 450,000


    2.01 1 201 93 1.5 10.6 3/8~1 10~16 10 250 450,000


    2.16 1 216 108 1.9 11.4 1/2~11/2 12~25 10 284 450,000

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