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    The Legend Returns!
    Tarantula Edge continues the fame of Tarantula with upgraded performance. It is strong, it is fast, and it is agile. The product is fitted with Fuji K Guide SIC, and uses Titanium Guide at the tip for enhanced rod balance and durability. CP 020 4YA-5 carbon 8-axis fabric prevents distortion, and creates more precise and fine actions. The rod moves in a way that removes even the slightest discomfort. The product uses Fuji’s latest slim seat for improved, st able grip. It minimizes fatigue and lets the user enjoy more energetic fishing.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : Fitted with Fuji “K” Guide, SIC
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : Reel seat uses Fuji’s latest slim seat for improved grip
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : Uses Titanium Guide at the tip for optimized balance
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : Uses CP 020 4YA-5 fabric (8-axis fabric)

    TES-671 ML-ST / TES-672 ML-ST (GRIP 230mm)
    All-round type models of the Tarantula Edge line. Medium-light power and the use of solid tip makes them suitable for finesse down shot, Kaiser rig, Neko rig, no sinker, and other various worm setups. The solid tip catches fine movements and bass’bites faster than any other product. It is a common perception that 8-axis carbon has weakness in spinning. However, this product has power that allows the user to land big basses without difficulty.

    TEC-671 L-ST / TEC-672 L-ST (GRIP 210mm)
    Bait finesse models of the Tarantula Edge line. Bass fishing is largely affected by the conditions in the field, including the weather and the surrounding environment. Tarantula Edge’s bait finesse model approaches basses without giving them stress. To create sophisticated movements of smaller lures, this 6.7ft product uses a light power solid tip. It creates precise micro rubber jig, light texas, and down shot movements.

    TEC-671 M / TEC-682 M (GRIP 245mm)
    All-round type models in the Tarantula Edge line. More and more anglers are choosing one-tackle concepts for more convenient relocation and fishing. For these anglers, the 671M model offers the best solution for combining a worm setup and a hard bait setup. Compatible with 1/4oz to 3/4oz. The waist has sufficient medium power, which makes it the best one-tackle rod for the twitching and jerking actions of a hard bait setup as well as free rigs and no sinkers.

    TEC-6101 MH / TEC-682 MH (GRIP 250mm)
    All-round type models in the Tarantula Edge line. These popular rods are widely used for diverse walking and boat fishing trips. The Tarantula Edge models offer optimized balance when fitted with reels. This helps ensure precise lure casting, precise actions, and precise hook setting. The product guarantees more powerful fishing experience : free rig, Texas rig, rubber jig, spinner bait, and more! It uses high-elasticity carbon for improved sensitivity and balance, and makes fishing more enjoyable.

    TEC-721 XXH / TEC-722 XH (GRIP 285mm)
    The best powerful models to be able to catch bass in heavy cover and dense aquatic plants.
    These models are suitable to attack the heavy cover using braided lines in the ways of buzzing, punching and frog fishing. The 8-axis carbon, which makes the rods more powerful, and Titanium guide placement take the durability of these models to the next level. Blank twist makes it hard for anglers to hook from a long distance, however, the 8-axis carbon construction solved the problem and makes hooking more effective and more successful.

    TEC-702 H (GRIP 270mm)
    This model has broken the stereotype that heavy-power fishing rods are heavy and hard to handle. The Tarantula Edge TEC-702H rod is light weight and very sensitive. It gives the most satisfaction to anglers when swimming and buzzing fishing with no sinkers in heavy cover. With the 8-axis carbon construction and PTS reel seat, you can enjoy fishing stably, which means you can catch big bass with the right rod in more favorable conditions.

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%








    Lure wt.




    Retail Price











    TES-671 ML-ST

    2.01 1 201 110 1.1 10.9 1/8~3/8 4~10 9 230 380,000
    TEC-671 L-ST 2.01 1 201 116 1.0 10.3 1/16~1/4 4~8 10 210 380,000

    TEC-671 M

    2.01 1 201 122 1.5 10.4 1/4~3/4 8~14 10 245 380,000
    TEC-6101 MH 2.09 1 209 128 1.6 11.0 3/8~1 10~20 10 250 390,000

    TEC-721 XXH

    2.19 1 219 157 1.9 11.9 3/8~4 P.E 35~90 10 285 395,000
    TES-672 ML-ST 2.01 2 104 105 1.1 11.3 1/8~3/8 4~10 9 230 380,000

    TEC-672 L-ST

    2.01 2 104 113 1.0 11.3 1/16~1/4 4~8 10 210 380,000
    TEC-682 M 2.03 2 105 123 1.3 11.5 1/4~3/4 8~14 10 245 385,000

    TEC-682 MH

    2.03 2 105 127 1.3 11.7 3/8~1 10~20 10 250 385,000
    TEC-702 H 2.14 2 111 140 1.7 13.1 3/8~2 12~25 10 270 390,000

    TEC-722 XH

    2.19 2 113 146 1.8 13.4 3/8~21/2 P.E 35~60 10 285 395,000

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