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    A skill hook designed to attract harimasa kingfish and yellowtail with less activity and higher sensitivity (approaches and turns back from the pencil / does not bite). More effective than a triple hook.

    * In case of a sinking type pencil (pencil with small body), use two (S) 2/0 hooks at the front and the back, respectively (the two sets of hooks intersect, preventing trouble).

    In case of a floating type pencile (pencil with bigger body), use two (L) 4/0 hooks at the front and the back, respectively. If the fish just follows the pencil or touches without biting, attach a single (M) 3/0 at the back of the sinking type pencil (tail hook)

    SAH-2/0 (S) Retail Price : KRW 7,500
    SAH-3/0 (M) Retail Price : KRW 7,500
    SAH-4/0 (L) Retail Price : KRW 7,500

    *The hook point is extremely sharp. Please handle with caution.
    *Please keep out of children’s reach.
    *Please check your surroundings before use.
    *A wound caused by a fishing hook may cause tetanus.

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