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    The ever-evolving boron-based SSO MINNOWING Rod provides optimal sensitivity and operability, allowing the users to figure out stream flow easily!
    SSO MINNOWING Rod has evolved to such a point that it adopted boron fiber. We asked our lab to develop boron fiber in 2013 when SSO MINNOWING Rod was planned for the first time. But we gave up on the use of boron fiber after it turned out that the fiber was in short supply and that the carbon fiber could also create dynamic movements of blank as much as desired. No answer could be found easily to these challenging questions, “How can we develop a fishing rod accommodating to the never-stopping flow of stream?” and “How can we achieve both operability and sensitivity?” Leopard is the rod that offered close answer that none of other SSO MINNOWING could. Leopard combines the sensitivity of FINESSE PLUS and excellent operability of TYPHOON LIMITED and has the following features .

    1. BORON FIBER : There was an increase in straightness of rod, not easily bendable even in the face of major flow, as shown by the data obtained by testing various reinforcement techniques applying high tensile strength of boron fiber. Through that, we achieved ultimate operability based on excellent resilience of top section. It is also fitted with robust butt power allowing you to maintain control over big fish in the fast water.

    2. 40t CARBON FIBER : Sensitivity, achieved by high elasticity, is very important for anglers to feel the bites of fish or vibrations from the bait trapped beneath the seafloor. Leopard Carbon Mix used 40t carbon basically to maximize sensitivity in both fore grip section and rear grip section, and is finished with exquisite workmanship to maximize resilience of tip section and prevent the risk of damage, thus eliminating the greatest problem in high elasticity rods.

    3. Harmony between modernity and classics : We proposed the standard design for Korean style mandarin fish rod, which featured the FINESSE PLUS grip design on the base, end grip made of carbon mono cork in two color tones, expressing eternally unchangeable beautifulness, and bee-tree to create a classical feel.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : FUJI "K-T2" GUIDE, TORZITE, and Start guide of 25 ∅ are used to improve the flying distance and minimize the stuffiness during the casting process
    REEL SEAT DESIGN : REEL SEAT has the rubber-coated FUJI VSS 16-15.0 to increase the grip and minimize the slip
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : BUTT GRIP, made of (CARBON MONOCORK + wood), has slim appearance

    BMT-5112 / SSO MINNOWING(Minnowing Twitcher) / GIRP 130mm
    This rod enables optimal twitching of the 35 to 60mm-sized sinking minnow or 1.5m depth minnow measuring 40-60mm with 5'11" quick action in the field from tributary to main stream joining the river. Combining the smoothness and resilience of tip section and robustness of butt, this rod maximized the operability to allow the angler to maintain control over the underwater action of minnow lures under any circumstances. It’s the MINNOWING TWITCHER created only for twitching.

    BMD-682 / SSO MINNOWING(Minnowing Drifter) / GIRP 150mm
    The MINNOWING (spoon) drifter optimized for 50 to 70mm-sized 1.5-2m depth minnow simply retrieved or drifted with 5-12g stream spoon in main river and the 50-90mm minnow sunk in the main river zone that has fast current from the main stream with 6'8" quick action(faster than BMT-5112).

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 95% / BORON 4%








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    1.81 2 93 76 1.2 24 1.5~8 6~15 3~6 9 130 620,000
    2.04 2 104.5 81 1.3 24 2.5~10 6~20 3~8 9 150 650,000

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