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    Eldorado Generation, the choice of those dreaming of landing a big bass
    Adopting the cutting-edge 8-axis carbon, it improved sensitivity, balance, action and design indispensable for bass fishing.

    GUIDE SYSTEM : Featuring the FUJI TITAN "K-T2" GUIDE, SiC TOP, and 4 torzites
    SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY : TIP T2-TORZITE GUIDE was adopted to optimize the balance
    BLANK TECHNOLOGY : CP 020 4YA-5(8-axis fabric) fabric was used to reduce the twist of blank and improve strength

    S-632 UL-ST (GRIP 180mm)
    This model puts an added emphasis on sensitivity. Adopting the 24-ton carbon solid, it increased the transmission of vibration on the fishing rod from the bite by more than 1.5 times. It applied the 9 guides to ensure strong stiffness that hold the blank firm. It is optimized for the fishing tackle operation, such as small rubber jig and down shot, etc., which emphasizes sensitiveness. Adopting the 8-axis carbon(CP 020 4YA-5), this product provides the power strong enough to subdue the targeted fish despite the thin blank.

    C-652 ML-L-ST (GRIP 210mm)
    This fishing rod allows anglers to fish with finesse, which is difficult to be achieved with bait rod.
    Adopting a 24-ton carbon solid, it increased sensitivity by 1.5 times, enabling anglers to figure out any sign of fish bites, although it is a bait rod. It is most suitable for bait finesse fishing, such as small rubber jig, down shot, small minnow, etc. Although it is a finesse rod, it adopted the 8-axis carbon(CP 020 4YA-5) to ensure excellent resilience of rod.

    C-682 XM (GRIP 250mm)
    It provides action with medium and medium heavy power of rod, drastically excluding the basic medium power of rod essential for bass fishing. It is a multi-type rod XM that can be used for any points and across the wide spectrum, including the hard bait and soft bait. It provides the most satisfactory performance when using the fast-moving lure of pilot style such as spinner bait, vibration, buzz bait, no-sinker fishing tackle, middle crank bait, etc. Adopting the 8-axis carbon(CP 020 4YA-5), it allows the lure to be pushed quickly during tip action or cast, enabling stable overhead casting and long casting. The strong stiffness(blank) enables strong hook-setting, making the hook driven deeper into the fish’s mouth.

    C-682 XMH (GRIP 270mm)
    The strong stiffness, rarely found in major upgraded models of MH(power of rod) for bass anglers, enables even the record-setting catch to be subdued without difficulty. This model is ideal for the lift-and-pull situations basic for the floor fishing, and provides optimal action for operation of fishing tackle such as rubber jig, Texas rig, free rig, heavy down shot, etc. This product was designed as a model with a powerful rod blank, providing excellent maneuverability, balance, sensitivity, etc.

    C-702 XH (GRIP 300mm)
    This model is suitable for the over-bass weighing more than 3kg. It features the blank capable of holding even 4-ounce swim bait and provides high sensitivity ensuring excellent performance even for heavy floor fishing tackle. Adopting the 8-axis carbon(CP 020 4YA-5), this rod minimized the twist and is deal for fishing such as plug, no-sinker worm, of heavy cover, etc.

    ※Designs and specifications are subject to change without prior notice due to improvements.
    ※CARBON 99%








    Lure wt.




    Retail Price











    S-632 UL-ST

    1.90 2 98 98 0.9 9.6 1/32~3/16 2~6 9 180 630,000
    C-652 ML-L-ST 1.95 2 101.5 113 1.0 9.9 1/16~3/8 4~12 10 210 650,000
    C-682 XM 2.03 2 105 123 2.0 10.8 1/4~2 8~20 10 250 660,000
    C-682 XMH 2.03 2 105 133 2.2 11.2 3/8~3 10~28 10 270 660,000
    C-702 XH 2.14 2 111 149 2.3 11.9 1/2~4 12~36 10 300 690,000


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