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    Retail Price : 80g KRW 35,000 / 65g KRW 33,000

    Major pencils of goldstriped amberjack, yellow tail, and tuna casting fishing were condensed into floating 65g and sinking 80g, maintaining the orderly stable action even in the face of strong waves and tidal current. Based on that, the optimal active motion inducing the bite of targeted fish was expressed. The horizontal wing, protruded in rear lateral line, maintains the inclination to go straight in the midst of high waves and strong winds. The fin structure under the trunk was designed to function as stabilizer minimizing the disorderliness in the foam swept away with lateral tidal current. Particularly, the sinking type embodies realistic movement of horizontal wings and vertical fin structure designed as the baits alive and moving.

    Real eye
    The eye, attached to the Boca Pencil, is the photographed image of real pupils of 148cm goldstriped amberjack landed in Tadeo island in 2016, which was applied exactly as they were.

    TYPE : Sinking(80g) / Floating(65g)
    SIZE : 175mm
    WEIGHT : 80g(Body 75g + Hook&Ring 5g) / 65g(Body 60g + Hook&Ring 5g)

    회원님의 소중한 개인정보 보호를 위해 비밀번호를 주기적으로 변경하시는 것이 좋습니다.
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